Membership is solely owned by V2U Network Sdn Bhd. This programme is opened to Malaysian individuals who are at least 18 years of age, residing in Malaysia. V2U Network Sdn Bhd may at its own sole discretion, refuse Membership to an applicant, without any prior notice to the applicant. Every eligible member is only allows one account, multiple accounts will be deleted.

Membership is free without annual fee or renewal fee. Personal information may be verified during sign-up or when requested.

Member upon signing up as member must agree to be bounded by these Terms and Conditions, as varied from time to time. V2U Network Sdn Bhd reserves the right to reject and terminate a member’s membership (account) without notice and for any reason, without the disclosing the reasons for such termination.

Points Collection

WhoHAA Points will be recorded in a Member’s account for completion of activities in WhoHAA’s website or appointed partners’ websites or other venues. No purchase is required to accumulate WhoHAA Point in WhoHAA’s website ( Additional WhoHAA Points may be offered by appointed Partners / Merchants as part of any promotional and incentive programs where purchases by Member of qualifying goods or services from appointed Partners / Merchants appointed by V2U Network Sdn Bhd.

The number of Points to be awarded to member will be determined by V2U Network Sdn Bhd and Partners, and will vary from time to time with a maximum give-away point. Upon exhaustion of points from a Partner, no more points can be awarded to Members.

V2U Network Sdn Bhd and Partners may from time to time offer exclusive promotions for specified groups of Members.

In the event of any dispute or inconsistency in WhoHAA Points accumulation or otherwise, V2U Network Sdn Bhd will conduct due inquiry and all decisions made by V2U Network Sdn Bhd are final and at our sole and absolute discretion. WhoHAA Points accumulated by Members will be valid for 3 years. Deduction of points from Redemption will be with the oldest earned points first. Any points, which are not used by Member to redeem for a Gift within 3 years after the end of the month in which the Points were recorded will automatically expired and deducted from the Point balance in Member account.

V2U Network Sdn Bhd also reserves the right to deduct points from member account without the need to notify member if any points accumulated via suspected fraudulent means, or is wrongly recorded.

Gifts Redemption

Verified Member with sufficient points is eligible to redeem products, services offered under WhoHAA redemption programme. Redemption for products, services must be through redemption method implemented by V2U Network Sdn Bhd. Redemption orders once accepted by V2U Network Sdn Bhd cannot be revoked, cancelled, returned or exchanged, and the affected Points will not be reinstated. All redeemed products/services will be delivered to address as per Member profile.

V2U Network Sdn Bhd gives no representation and warranty with respect to any products and/or services offered in WhoHAA Redemption Programme, and also cannot be held responsible to the quality of the products / services, or their suitability for any purpose.

Gift in the form of certificates or vouchers, may only be valid for use at participating outlets or Suppliers as mentioned on the certificates/vouchers and only for the specified matters mentioned therein within the stipulated validity date. The uses of these certificates/vouchers are to be subjected the Terms and Conditions (not limiting to booking requirement, cancellation restrictions, warranties and limitations of liability) therein.

Certificates/vouchers remains unused after the stipulated date, will lapsed and will not be replaced.

QuickBuy Redemption

QuickBuy is a redemption facility using a combination of WhoHAA Points and Cash at values fixed as published in WhoHAA Redemption programme. Quickbuy Redemption allows the redemption of gifts by utilizing specified WhoHAA Points and paying the specified cash amount via credit cards (Visa & MasterCard), online bank transfer or any other electronic payment modes, which may be introduced by V2U Network Sdn Bhd from time to time.

Return and Refund Policy

All items redeemed (full points or quick-buy) are not refundable and can be returned for a one-to one-exchange if it is subjects to manufacturer’s defect. Defective items must be brought to V2U Network Sdn Bhd’s attention by writing to [email protected] within 3 days from receipt date and return items must be physically in good condition with all necessary packaging (including manuals, software etc).

Items with manufacturer’s warranty are not available for one-to-one exchange and must be sent to the manufacturer’s service centre for warranty service.

Members are advised to contact our support team prior to sending back the items to us.

Delivery of Gifts

V2U Network Sdn Bhd will endeavour to deliver the redeemed Gifts to Members within 4-6 weeks upon receipt of valid redemption request. Gifts will be posted or hand delivered (at V2U Network Sdn Bhd’s discretion), to the current address of the Member Profile record or other address as authorised by Member. Delivery will not be made to PO Box addresses and addresses outside Malaysia. Member/recipient of Gift items is obliged to present ID documentation to delivery personnel, failing which the delivery personnel has the right to refuse delivery and return the Gift item to V2U Network Sdn Bhd as unclaimed. Acknowledged receipt from occupants of specified address, and where such address is an office, acknowledgement from any staff, shall be deemed to be the acknowledgement of the Member.

Members are advised to examine all pick-ups or delivered Gifts upon receipt. If a Member finds the gifts item faulty/damaged, is requested to contact V2U Network Sdn Bhd within 3 days from receipt date. Any dispute after 3 days will not entertained and Members are to liaise with the supplier directly in accordance to the warranty information.

All Gifts delivered do not include installation cost. Any installation cost will be borne by Members.

Additional courier charges fee may be imposed for re-delivery of Gifts that have been returned for whatever reasons. Returned gifts not claimed after 14 days upon notification will be deemed as forfeited and no points will be reinstated.

All Gifts are subject to availability. Once redeemed, these Gifts cannot be revoked, cancelled, return or exchanged and Points will not be reinstated. V2U Network Sdn Bhd reserves the right to refuse the redemption of any Gifts or recall the redeemed item if V2U Network Sdn Bhd has any reason to suspect the Points were fraudulently accumulated by Members or wrongly recorded.

Termination of Account

Registered member may request to have their account terminated at any time by writing to[email protected]via the email registered upon signing-up. All points earned (if any) will be forfeited. Account terminated cannot be recovered and reinstated.

V2U Network Sdn Bhd reserve the rights to suspend and terminate a member account if there is reason to suspect that the member account is involved in fraudulent activities and/or causes disruption to WhoHAA programme.

Policy on Personal Data

V2U Network Sdn Bhd respects the privacy of its Members. This is V2U network Sdn Bhd’s policy on personal information collected through WhoHAA programme.
Any of this information may be used by, and shared between V2U Network Sdn Bhd and its business partners where necessary to operate this WhoHAA programme in order to provide Members with services and benefits related to WhoHAA programme, to communicate with Members, to promote offers to Members, to fulfil Members’requests including redemption orders and for identification purposes. Without providing these necessary information, V2U Network Sdn Bhd will not be provide service to these Members. From time to time, V2U Network Sdn Bhd may ask for additional information, to help improve its services to Members, to create more opportunities for Members to enjoy better benefits, to provide feedback or help in prevent abuse of the programme. Also V2U Network Sdn Bhd may automatically collect other information about Members indirectly through its database such as customer profile and consumer behaviour.

V2U Network Sdn Bhd may share with business partners these information to facilitate various services to Members, to extend Members benefits and special offers, and for marketing purposes including planning, product development, telemarketing promotions, surveys or research and other carefully screened marketing programmes or activities, which V2U Network Sdn Bhd and/or business partners believe are likely to interest Members.  Information regarding the specific goods or services a Member buys from a particular Partner will not be passed to V2U Network Sdn Bhd or any other V2U Network Sdn Bhd’s Business Partners except where required to operate the Programme. Members shall ensure that all personal detail provided to V2U network Sdn Bhd is accurate at point of submission and that V2U Network Sdn Bhd is kept abreast and updated of any change in their personal details.