Why am I required to provide my personal information?

These information are required to ensure only eligible Malaysian can participate in WhoHAA programme.  As member of WhoHAA, you will be able to earn points, which has a value to allow you to redeem for products.  Valid personal information is necessary to allow sponsors to reward you with points.

Why do you need my mobile number?

Your mobile number allows us to keep you informed of your redemption status, such as delivery tracking code.  It also allows us to minimize creation of multiple account as every account will be tagged to specific mobile number.

How many points can I earned?

You are able to earn points by responding to sponsors’ message, such as answering correctly to their question, visit their website etc.  There is no limits of points you can earn, but you can only earn once from each sponsor in each campaign.

What can I do with the points earned?

Points earned can be accumulated to redeem for products in our redemption centre.

Can I create multiple accounts?

No.  Each person can only register for one account.  Multiple accounts if detected will be de-registered and all points accumulated may be forfeited.

Why is WhoHAA giving away points?

All the points are given away by our sponsors, who reward you for spending some time to understand their offering / features / messages etc.  These sponsors believe that such manners help you to better understand their offering as well as help in better re-call.

Why am I not able to earn point for a particular campaign?

If after answering correctly to a sponsor’s question and you could not earn any points, it is because all the points sponsored by the sponsors have been given out.  You can try other sponsors messages instead then.

How do I know the amount of points I have earned?

You can always check the total points you have earned as well as all earning history by clicking “My Account”.  All vital information is available there.