Why WhoHAA?

If you are looking for an effective media to reach out to the young and trendy, IT savvy and market mover, WhoHAA offers you the opportunity to communicate your brand’s value, Unique selling proposition to them. You are assured that your advertising budget is well invested as you are assured that these affluent, social-active members of WhoHAA truly understand your key message you wish to deliver.

You will be pleased to know that they are able to perfectly re-produce your key message and have higher, better recall and retention of your brands. You are assured of the actual numbers of unique reach with no duplication, nor wastage. All your advertising investment can be quantified, so no more guessing or praying for better result on investment.

How can I start Sponsoring?

Simply get in touch with us and we will explore with you how WhoHAA can help in your marketing /communication plan.